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The Amazing Benefits of Thai Massage in Coorparoo

Thai massage in Coorparoo

Thai massage might sound like a fancy name for a regular western massage technique, but it’s actually quite different. Traditional Thai massage (which is also known as ‘nuat phaen boran’) is not at all like the usual passive experience you’d expect of a regular relaxation massage.

Instead, it is a highly therapeutic technique that combines muscle kneading and acupressure-style force, while also incorporating a type of ‘passive yoga’. During these yoga-type moves, your body is gently but effectively manipulated into amazing stretches that can release years of built-up tension, melting blockages and leave you feeling younger and more energetic.

Thai massage in Coorparoo

A Brief History of Thai Massage

What makes Thai massage so special? Its history alone sets it apart, and highlights why it remains an important type of massage in modern times.

Thai massage is thought to have been created over 2,000 years ago by Shivago Komarapaj, the Buddha’s physician. This wise sage is also considered the founding father of Thai medicine and combined his understanding of the ‘sen’ (stimulating energy lines) with traditional techniques to treat his patients holistically.

Over centuries and generations, the original techniques of Thai massage were improved and incorporated influences from other southeast Asian techniques. These days, there are slight variations in the way Thai massage is given across the world, but the principles are the same – to give recipients relief from pain and achieve overall wellbeing of body and mind!

What Can I Expect From my Thai Massage in Coorparoo?

A Thai massage session requires some gentle participation from you. During your session, your therapist will guide you into some easy movements and stretches while asking you for your feedback.

This cooperative system ensures the most effective and safest manoeuvres are used and that you’re never uncomfortable or left wondering what’s going on. You will likely feel an immediate benefit after your Thai massage session; however for some conditions, you may require more than one visit, as therapeutic massage can sometimes take a few sessions to work.

The team at Acacia Wellbeing are professionally trained and will have you feeling wonderful in very little time. Contact us today to book a Thai massage in Coorparoo, remedial massage or even a relaxation massage appointment. Experience the difference and benefits yourself!

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