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Strengthening your physical, mental and social well-being is one of the keys to achieving a healthier and happier version of yourself. Here at Acacia Well-Being, we strive to help you achieve this goal with our services and by sharing our expertise and knowledge — part of our method to help nourish these aspects of your well-being is to provide you with resources that you can trust.

This page compiles valuable and insightful well-being resources that can support and help maintain your physical and mental health. We provide articles, guides, advice and support tools that are research-informed, evidence-based, and recommended by professionals.

a patient receiving a targeted massage therapy

Targeted Massage Therapy – How it Benefits the Body

As a remedial – based therapy, targeted massage provides many great benefits to the body, especially in relieving body pain and rehabilitating injuries, and despite focusing on certain areas in the body, it provides holistic relief. Find out more about what targeted massage therapy is and the proven health benefits it offers in this informative guide.

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