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Annette Pinto

Annette Pinto


Bachelor of Nutrition. Master of Dietetics.

Annette enjoys yoga, pilates, baking desserts, planning her next holiday and most important of all, visiting new cafes and restaurants.

Annette is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition, followed by Masters of Dietetics at Monash University, Melbourne. 

Annette has worked in private practice for over a year, but has also had experience in a food service, public health and clinical setting through university placements and work experience. 

Annette consults on all general dietetic issues, and has a strong interest in plant-based nutrition and chronic disease prevention and treatment including overweight/obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and gut related issues, including IBS. Although being an expert in food and nutrition, she also has a passion for using a holistic approach to health which comprises not only what you eat, but also your physical, mental, social and emotional health, as they are all interconnected. 

Annette uses evidence-based information that has been backed by science and translates that into practical strategies tailored to each of her clients, based on their individual needs and goals. No meal plan is ever the same!