5 Types of Massage Therapies & Their Benefits

woman getting a massage

With the many stresses of daily life, massages are a great way to relieve the built-up tension and aches we experience. There are various types of massage therapy styles, each with its own purpose and health benefits. Some massages aim to relax and release tension from the body, while others focus on rehabilitating injuries or […]

Why Exercise is Important for Diabetes Management

Person testing blood glucose

We recently talked about how a healthy lifestyle is important for managing all types of diabetes, but what is it about exercise in particular that is so beneficial for people with, or at risk of developing, diabetes? Improved blood glucose control Sugar (in the form of glucose) is the body’s preferred fuel source. It seems […]

Is caffeine bad for me?

Pretty cup of coffee

Unsurprisingly, caffeine is a hot topic of conversation. Most likely because many of us are addicted to the substance and require a morning coffee to function as a respectable human being. But how much caffeine is too much caffeine? Today, we uncover the truth and about caffeine and what we need to be mindful of. […]

What is Dietetics?

Fruits and Vegetables Diet

Dietetics refers to the study of food, nutrition and its effects on health. Now, more than ever, we are inundated with information about what is considered healthy and unhealthy. Each week brings a new superfood and fad diet, claiming to help you shed the kilos and resolve any niggling problems with your health. In the […]