Who could benefit from seeing an Exercise Physiologist?

teaching elder people to exercise

The short answer: everyone! Exercise Physiologists (known as AEPs – Accredited Exercise Physiologists) are among the highest qualified exercise professionals in Australia, requiring a minimum four-year degree with 500 hours of placement. No matter what you think or feel about exercise, or your current level of physical activity, an AEP can help you to develop […]

What is Iliotibial Band Syndrome or Runner’s Knee?

three people jogging

Iliotibial band syndrome otherwise known as ITB syndrome, or “runner’s knee” is a very common injury experienced among active people. Around 20% of runners and cyclists will experience ITB syndrome. ITB syndrome commonly involves pain around the outer portion of the knee and thigh. This pain is typically aggravated by weight-bearing activity. ITB syndrome is […]

How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Alcohol Drinks

According to Australian guidelines, we are recommended no more than two standard drinks per day, with two alcohol-free days a week. However, what is the reason behind this guideline and why is the figure not less or more? Well, as I am sure we are all aware, alcohol has both pros and cons. On one […]

Malnutrition Awareness


Malnutrition is a very common condition associated with “getting old” and “appetite loss”. However, these thoughts don’t capture the true essence of the condition, nor do they lean into the fact that malnutrition can impact any person across the lifespan. We need to shift the idea that malnutrition is a normal process of aging, and […]

Why Exercise is Important for Diabetes Management

Person testing blood glucose

We recently talked about how a healthy lifestyle is important for managing all types of diabetes, but what is it about exercise in particular that is so beneficial for people with, or at risk of developing, diabetes? Improved blood glucose control Sugar (in the form of glucose) is the body’s preferred fuel source. It seems […]

Is caffeine bad for me?

Pretty cup of coffee

Unsurprisingly, caffeine is a hot topic of conversation. Most likely because many of us are addicted to the substance and require a morning coffee to function as a respectable human being. But how much caffeine is too much caffeine? Today, we uncover the truth and about caffeine and what we need to be mindful of. […]

Mindfulness and Mindful Eating – What it is and How to Practice It

woman eating cake

The concept of mindfulness was introduced in the 1970s and originated from the eastern practices of Buddhism and Hinduism. It refers to being in the present, being in tune with your mind and body in a non-judgmental way and observing how your choices impact your health. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness has a number […]

Pinpointing Pain: What is Dry Needling?

woman undergoing dry needling

You may have heard of it, but exactly what is dry needling? Firstly, let’s clear up some common misconceptions. To many patients, the word ‘needle’ can conjure up thoughts of terrifying, and often painful, injections. But unlike pain relief jabs, which use hollow needles to inject medication, ‘dry needling’ is exactly as it sounds, dry! […]

The Amazing Benefits of Thai Massage in Coorparoo

Thai massage in Coorparoo

Thai massage might sound like a fancy name for a regular western massage technique, but it’s actually quite different. Traditional Thai massage (which is also known as ‘nuat phaen boran’) is not at all like the usual passive experience you’d expect of a regular relaxation massage. Instead, it is a highly therapeutic technique that combines […]

Remedial Massage in Coorparoo: Is it for Relaxation?

woman relaxing during remedial massage

Which one should you get for your next session with your therapist: a remedial or a relaxation massage? While both are therapeutic and beneficial, they have their own sets of differences and unique benefits. Remedial isn’t exactly for relaxation, it’s more a treatment plan. The main difference between the two can be found in their […]